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The medium of thought: @Scratch is bad for learning Programming and Computational Thinking? #coding #edtech #education

…Maybe. It depends. I’m increasingly frustrated by the various groups and media who seemingly want to shoot-down all the positive work we do with teaching good programming practice in textual programming languages. While tens of thousands of educators have been pushing ahead with the 21st century, teaching children not only to program, but more importantly

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SURVEY RESULTS: what programming languages are being taught in classroom? #edtech #ict #computing #education

I ran a survey of (mostly UK) Computing teachers, asking what we’re teaching in classrooms, and why. In the UK, we have a new curriculum which demands all teenagers learn programming, computer science/theory, and core computing/ICT skills. Headline results UK teachers recommend or choose to teach Python and/or Scratch Of all the languages teachers have

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Programming for young children: Scratch vs Blockly

Scratch was invented/created in 2003 by a team from MIT. It’s a full programming language that we USUALLY see coded using colourful drag/drop blocks. (it can be programmed in raw text too, and used to be, but today that’s rare) Blockly was created in 2012 by people that are now at Google (I’ve been told

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