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Teaching Regular Expressions / regexp in lessons

RegExp are great fun if you’re an Abstract Mathematician, or mildly masochistic. For the rest of us, it’s silly to work on them without using something like this: https://regex101.com/ When we teach regexps, are we aiming for students to: Become experts in typing? Have 20/20 eyesight? Be non-dyslexic – dyslexia is for failures, who’ll never

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Work-scrutiny in Computing lessons; Exercise-book reviewing; showing pupil progress #edtech

A handful of things I’m experimeting with / have used / seen used for low-effort rapid recording during lessons: iPads used as cameras. Because they’re so big, you can hold at hip-height and be taking photos while looking at a child / talking to a group, and still be composing images out of the corner

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Should homework be done on paper, or on iPad/desktop/etc? – Part1: Paper Mountains

Homework does not exist in a vacuum: you cannot do homework for a topic you haven’t learnt yet. I’ve realised (via the PGCE) there is a tightly interdependent triangle of Homework, Lesson, and Curriculum. As far as I can tell, the (never quite openly stated) idea in teacher-training is that a formal Lesson Plan is

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