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SURVEY RESULTS: what programming languages are being taught in classroom? #edtech #ict #computing #education

I ran a survey of (mostly UK) Computing teachers, asking what we’re teaching in classrooms, and why. In the UK, we have a new curriculum which demands all teenagers learn programming, computer science/theory, and core computing/ICT skills. Headline results UK teachers recommend or choose to teach Python and/or Scratch Of all the languages teachers have

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What’s the point of Functions in #programming? (for primary/middle schoolers)

My common day-to-day use is “something that is used to generate individual parts of something, and that I might write alternative versions of in future”. Here the use of a function lets you replace a generator with a different generator. Such examples occur frequently in OOP, but are only truly dependent upon functions. For instance:

Why use #python when teaching #coding in school?

Much (most?) of the literature is gloriously one-sided and IMHO deceptive in pretending that Python is good at many things it sucks at. This doesn’t help those teachers trying to make a fair and balanced decision. Overall, I believe that if you learn programming primarily via Python you’ll be a weaker programmer than if you

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“Choose a shape to draw”: example #python code for simple input (y7/y8) with graphics

Aimed at Years 7 and 8, when giving them interesting/fun things to work on without them knowing/understanding all the background concepts. i.e. this assumes you work on a “teach Y7-8 basics and SOME principles, then re-teach / add the other principles in more detail to Y9-Y11 when they move into GCSE-level work” plan. Here we

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“draw Forest”: Example #python lesson/code for why functions/procedures are useful

Again, I was looking for something to include in my lesson that would show the value of procedures [1] in a way that the students would care about. I wrote this, and set it up as a demo at start of lesson as they came in. PS: note the faked perspective effect. If you have

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2 of 3: Lesson where locked computers worked for students benefit #edtech

Back to my class… In part 1, I admitted that I’d locked students’ computers for more than half a lesson. I stated that I felt this was a good thing, despite my pre-teaching revulsion and horror at such actions. This week, I used CC in LOCKDOWN for more than half a lesson …why? How? On

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Ideas for Y7-Y9 coding lessons from Usborne books

Last week, Usborne made their 1980’s books on computer-programming available free for anyone to download (PDFs here – click on the book covers over on the right hand side). The “Computer Games Listings” books are particularly interesting; is there any use in them for teaching Computing today? Listings The listings are surprisingly hard to invent:

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Lesson idea: Digital Literacy, use Google to choose a java library

Today I needed to modify a small Java program to accept command-line parameters. Java’s built-in support for this is so bare as to be non-existent: it clones C’s “no library, no help, go away” implementation. This makes an excellent problem for testing / practising using Google to find something: It’s a very well-known problem, has

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