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2 of 3: Lesson where locked computers worked for students benefit #edtech

Back to my class… In part 1, I admitted that I’d locked students’ computers for more than half a lesson. I stated that I felt this was a good thing, despite my pre-teaching revulsion and horror at such actions. This week, I used CC in LOCKDOWN for more than half a lesson …why? How? On

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Should homework be done on paper, or on iPad/desktop/etc? – Part1: Paper Mountains

Homework does not exist in a vacuum: you cannot do homework for a topic you haven’t learnt yet. I’ve realised (via the PGCE) there is a tightly interdependent triangle of Homework, Lesson, and Curriculum. As far as I can tell, the (never quite openly stated) idea in teacher-training is that a formal Lesson Plan is

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The curse of a perfect memory

It is easy, as a Teacher, to assume that everything your pupils learnt in the last lesson they will still know in the next lesson. For you – slaving over hot lesson plans, repeating the knowledge over and over, before delivering it possibly multiple times within a single week – it’s almost impossible to forget.

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