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1 of 3: Remote-controlling classroom computers: When/why should we take control? #edtech

My attitude to classroom-control systems is one of the things that has radically altered since I started daily teaching. Originally, I was creeped-out by them. I might well have cited Dallas Snell – a highly-respected friend with much expertise in human/human social and cultural interactions, and how they shape organizations. He used to say something

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Should homework be done on paper, or on iPad/desktop/etc? – Part1: Paper Mountains

Homework does not exist in a vacuum: you cannot do homework for a topic you haven’t learnt yet. I’ve realised (via the PGCE) there is a tightly interdependent triangle of Homework, Lesson, and Curriculum. As far as I can tell, the (never quite openly stated) idea in teacher-training is that a formal Lesson Plan is

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Are schools the last bastion of rebellion that preserves a free society? #edchat

The sleep deprivation has reached migraine-inducing levels. And I’m still a noob at teaching. So take this all with a fair pinch of salt…normal service will resume shortly (posts on Computing and Programming and successes, ideas, and failures in teaching them) It’s about bad teaching, and bad Teachers Before teaching, one of my pet hates

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