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To Be Autistic…

Any honest attempt to describe Autism makes us sound Robotic, and yet that couldn’t be further from the truth; we feel – if anything – more strongly and more frequently than ordinary people do. But the major difference is: we’re aware of our feeling, and know it for emotion distinct from decision and reasoning, and

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The curse of a perfect memory

It is easy, as a Teacher, to assume that everything your pupils learnt in the last lesson they will still know in the next lesson. For you – slaving over hot lesson plans, repeating the knowledge over and over, before delivering it possibly multiple times within a single week – it’s almost impossible to forget.

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The Teacher’s regression to childhood

All this time spent in school is regressing me to my own childhood, recalling many memories. At night, my dreams have switched-over to frequently include small scenes of schools and school-life. Normally when I hit a major life-change – new career, new city to live in, etc – it takes many months, even years, for

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