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Teachers won’t pay, but how can we support software we love? e.g. @Socrative

I like Socrative. As a teacher, I love it – and largely because it’s free, and requires no account-creation by students. But that blocks me from supporting it in the most important way: by giving the owners some cash. Not that it matters for Socrative any more – they sold the company for $5 million

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Work-scrutiny in Computing lessons; Exercise-book reviewing; showing pupil progress #edtech

A handful of things I’m experimeting with / have used / seen used for low-effort rapid recording during lessons: iPads used as cameras. Because they’re so big, you can hold at hip-height and be taking photos while looking at a child / talking to a group, and still be composing images out of the corner

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Do these new @educationgovuk exams test the children, or test the teaching?

Another year, another government announces more compulsory exams for young children – enforced testing of timestables for children leaving Primary. I detest exams. Not because I was bad at them – I won scholarships, I got into a top University, and graduated with little effort. But exams frustrated and annoyed me; I felt from the

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