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1 of 3: Remote-controlling classroom computers: When/why should we take control? #edtech

My attitude to classroom-control systems is one of the things that has radically altered since I started daily teaching. Originally, I was creeped-out by them. I might well have cited Dallas Snell – a highly-respected friend with much expertise in human/human social and cultural interactions, and how they shape organizations. He used to say something

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An easy task, not so easy: using “Digital” to teach “Computing”

Over the last two years I’ve done many small bits of teaching Computer Programming and Computational Thinking in schools … without using Computers. Most of it is abstract, and to make that easy to learn you need to provide concrete analogues. That usually means: real, physical items. Today, our “digital” artifacts are nearly always flat,

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Programming for young children: Scratch vs Blockly

Scratch was invented/created in 2003 by a team from MIT. It’s a full programming language that we USUALLY see coded using colourful drag/drop blocks. (it can be programmed in raw text too, and used to be, but today that’s rare) Blockly was created in 2012 by people that are now at Google (I’ve been told

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