Who am I?

I did a Computer Science degree at Cambridge University. There were some gems in the course, but they were the exception. I left wanting to do research – but not in Academia, they’d turned me off too much. So I did independent research, and was granted patents for it. I don’t recommend it; it’s a very expensive way to do advanced research – it destroyed me financially – and a Doctorate is a much more useful and better-respected outcome than a Patent.

I then spent about 10 years in the computer-games industry, making games, designing games, working with teams of programmers, artists and designers, etc. Then 5 years making iOS and Android apps – iPhone, iPad, etc. In 2014 I started Everyone Can Program to help Primary and Secondary teachers teach the new Computing Curriculum in UK.


For a few years, I taught after-school to a small number of Secondary students. Students seemed to get something they valued out of the classes, and eventually the school asked me to be more involved, and teach some of the curriculum.

Working on Everyone Can Program, I also went into a lot of Primary classrooms, working under – and being mentored by – some exceptional Primary teachers.

Professional teachers I respect seemed to think I was good at this. I was enjoying teaching, and I’ve always been fascinated by Education in a wider sense (what should we teach? Why? How? For whose benefit?), so I decided to go all the way: go back to University and do a PGCE.

This blog

I’m starting a PGCE, and need somewhere to record my thoughts and learnings. Also somewhere to talk about the things that are important to teachers, but would bore the pants off subscribers to my other blogs.

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